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Same Game Parlay Betting Guide

FlashPicks What Is A Same Game Parlay Guide
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What Is A Same Game Parlay?

In sports betting, a same game parlay is a wager that combines multiple bets from—wait for it—the same game. Exactly as its name implies, a same game parlay is a parlay featuring multiple bets from the same match.

Same game parlays are growing more popular among sports bettors, because they’re a fun way to amp up your investment in a particular match and combine many outcomes into one large potential payout.

Same game parlays are relatively new to sports betting in legal US markets, but various big-name sportsbooks already offer them. This page will cover everything you need to know about same game parlays.

Why Bet On A Same Game Parlay?

Like a standard parlay, same game parlays combine odds from multiple individual bets, giving you a much higher potential payout than you’d get on an single wager. Combining those outcomes is high-risk, high-reward. But if you place smart bets, you can increase your chances of getting a payout.

Plus, it’s more fun to watch a game when you have numerous outcomes at stake! If you combine player props with a moneyline bet and various other wagers, there’s a lot to look out for as the game is actually played. If you don’t particularly care about either of the teams in a given match-up, a same game parlay can be a phenomenal way to up your interest in a game.

Finally, same game parlays are great candidates for bonuses such as odds boosts. Because the odds on a parlay are much longer than they are on individual bets, bonuses can make them even more valuable.

Where Can I Bet Same Game Parlays?

Most sportsbooks allow bettors to place same game parlay wagers, but there are a few that don’t. The three biggest books with the most robust same game parlay options are FanDuel, PointsBet, and DraftKings.

FanDuel is one of the stronger options for same game parlays. The sportsbook even allows users to combine multiple same game parlays into larger parlays. For example, you could combine a 3-leg NBA same game parlay with a 4-leg MLB same game parlay into one massive bet with astronomical odds. Some bettors like to combine these types of wagers into bets that pay massive dividends, but are basically like buying a lottery ticket.

BetMGM offers some same game parlay options, but they’re usually limited to pre-set selections you can choose to add to your betslip.

Our recommendation is to stick with FanDuel, PointsBet, or DraftKings when building same game parlays. Those books have the most options.

What Bets Can I Include In A Same Game Parlay?

There are many combinations allowed for same game parlay bets. You have plenty of options, but many bettors like to use player props in their same game parlays. Here’s an example from the NBA we built to help you understand how SGPs work.

Utah Jazz Vs. Dallas Mavericks Same Game Parlay

Here are the selections for this same game parlay and how they shape up in terms of final odds. We used FanDuel for this example.

  • Bojan Bogdanovic to score 20+ points: +104
  • Bojan Bogdanovic to make 3+ threes: -118
  • Jalen Brunson to record 8+ assists: +320
  • Donavan Mitchell to record 6+ rebounds: +140

Together in a same game parlay, these create a single bet with odds of +2593. A $10 bet would pay out $259.32 if it won.

None of these outcomes are particularly unlikely, especially if you look at the odds. But of course, it’s a parlay. So every single event needs to happen in order for the bet to succeed.

Notice the various stats and options available. In the NBA, you can bet on rebounds for a specific player, number of three-pointers made, and much more. The same is true for other sports. Baseball allows for home run bets, bases recorded, and many other formats. Get creative with your same game parlays!

What Are Correlated Odds?

Correlated odds are lines on two or more outcomes that go hand in hand, where one outcome makes the second (and third and fourth and so on) more likely.

The easiest example here is a first-half moneyline bet and a full-game moneyline bet. If you bet on the Utah Jazz to lead at half (-158), you may also want to bet on the Utah Jazz to win outright (-225).

This is relevant to same game parlay bettors because sportsbooks won’t allow you to combine correlated odds into a single wager for the most part. Those two examples in the paragraph above are not eligible for inclusion in a same game parlay bet, according to FanDuel.

There are some scenarios where correlated odds might be allowed. For example, the following:

  • Bojan Bogdanovic to score 20+ points: +104
  • Bojan Bogdanovic to make 3+ threes: -118

Bogdanovic making 3 three-pointers is certainly a significant step toward scoring 20 total points. FanDuel allows these outcomes to be paired into a same game parlay.

The good news? Sportsbooks will make it abundantly clear when two or more selections can’t be combined into a same game parlay. Pay careful attention to your betslip to find any bets that aren’t eligible for inclusion in your same game parlay.

Same Game Parlay Promotions

Sportsbooks commonly offer promotions to existing users, such as parlay insurance or similar bonuses. These are great candidates for use on a same game parlay. Sometimes you can boost your odds or make the bet risk-free. Look out for solid promo offers to apply to your risk-free bet.

As of this writing, FanDuel is offering a special promo for NBA same game parlays. If you opt-in, you can place a 3+ leg same game parlay on an NBA playoff match-up. If your parlay loses, you get refunded your bet amount up to a maximum of $20.

These types of bonuses are fairly common. FanDuel offers a similar bonus each week. Use them to maximize the value and diminish the risk of your SGP.

How Can I Place A Same Game Parlay On FanDuel?

Here are the steps to build and place a same game parlay bet on FanDuel.

  1. Log into your FanDuel account.
  2. Before you start your bet, check for any same game parlay promotions. If any are available opt-in to take advantage of the bonus.
  3. Using the menu, navigate to the league you’re betting on, then find the game you want to use for your same game parlay.
  4. Look for the wagers you’d like to add to your SGP. Add them to your betslip by clicking or tapping on them.
  5. Once you have all your bets in your betslip, head to the betslip and type in the amount you’d like to wager.
  6. Select “Place bet” and wait for FanDuel to confirm your bet has been placed.

That’s it! Now all you’ve got to do is watch the game and hope your selections hit.

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