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Friday's @SmartPicksUS MLB Pick

  • Cubs
    Fri 19 Apr
  • Spread - CHC

    The Chicago Cubs has covered the displayed Spread Line in 100% of their last five games.

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    Virginia: Bet $5, Get $150 Guaranteed OR $1,000 First Bet Safety Net

    Deposit required. Bonus Bets winnings are added to Bonus Bets balance. Bonus Bet wager excluded from returns. T&Cs, time limits and exclusions apply. CO, NJ, OH, VA, IA & KY only. Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-Gambler. 21+


    MLB Picks And Predictions

    Our goal at FlashPicks is to provide you with the essential information and resources you need to make smart, savvy sports bets. This is especially true for MLB bettors, as baseball is a complex, stats-heavy sport. Baseball America’s pastime, and with sports betting making its way across the US and the world, it’s betting on MLB games has become a staple hobby for fans of the sport.

    On this page, we’ll offer an ever-updated list of MLB picks and predictions that can help you tailor your bets. These picks are completely free, and we keep them fresh as the season progresses.

    Free MLB Picks Explained

    Our free MLB baseball picks and predictions are exactly what they sound like. No-cost recommendations to help you shape your baseball sports betting strategy. But why should you follow picks, and how can they help you?

    Baseball is a complicated sport. It’s easy to follow at a baseline level, and the scoring is pretty simple. But beneath the surface, baseball is fuelled by loads of stats and ongoing roster shifts that can make it extremely hard to predict. Simply put, anything can happen when two professional baseball teams meet. Making sense of the potential outcomes can be difficult.

    That’s where we come in. Our MLB picks give you something to base your bets on. We look at season and player stats, play conditions, injuries, past performance, and much more as we curate our predictions. You can use our insights to inform your betting decisions and hopefully log some wins in your sportsbook account!

    How Do You Pick Your Free Baseball Selections?

    We consider a variety of factors when we’re making our MLB predictions and picks for this page. A lot goes into it, but hee are a few key elements we look at.

    Team Form And Performance

    How have teams been performing individually? How do they typically fare against this week’s opponent? What’s their overall record? These surface-level stats help us hone and shape our picks so we’re giving you informed and smart predictions. As we mention above, baseball is fuelled by stats, so naturally that’s the first place we look as we’re making our picks.

    Player Availability

    Injuries can make or break a team. So can illness or last-minute roster changes. We keep an eye out for constant updates from MLB teams to ensure we have the latest on what’s happening with a given match-up’s roster. If a star pitcher has to sit for a game or two, that impacts the team’s odds. Same if a bona fide slugger can’t play for a few weeks due to an injury.

    In baseball, a lot can go right. But things can go wrong, too, and that makes a big impact on a team’s overall performance. We consider all of this as we make our picks.

    Location And Weather

    Baseball is played in the summer and bleeds into autumn near the playoffs and World Series, so weather isn’t as much of a factor as it is for, say, football. But still, rain and wind, and other natural phenomena can change the course of a game, if slightly.

    We consider weather and location as we’re making our picks. Beyond the weather itself, a team's home record may be much better than its away record, which is another influential consideration when we make our MLB predictions.

    Where Can I Place MLB Bets Today?

    If you’ve perused our picks and feel ready to place a wager, you can do so at one of our top recommended MBL sportsbooks. On our MLB sportsbooks page, we offer plenty of resources to help you find the best sports betting site for you.

    From that page, you can head directly to your preferred sportsbook (or more than one), sign up, make a deposit, and place a bet.

    Free Moneyline MLB Picks

    A moneyline bet is a wager on a single team to win a given game. It’s arguably the simplest type of bet you can make on any sport, baseball included.

    If you have a sportsbook you like, head to its MLB section and look at the listed games. Moneyline will be one of the top betting options displayed for any game, alongside the point spread and totals bets. To place a moneyline bet, just select the odds of the team you’d like to win, add that wager to your betslip, type in the amount of your bet, and place the wager.

    The sportsbook will confirm your wager and all that’s left to do is watch the game and hope you win.

    MLB Picks Against The Spread—Run Line MLB Picks

    “The spread” is a common term in sports betting. The purpose of a point spread is to even out the odds when teams are mismatched. For example, you might see odds for a Cubs vs. Pirates game listed like so:

    • Cubs -2.5 (-110)
    • Pirates +2.5 (-110)

    In this scenario, betting on the Cubs would mean you believe they’ll win by three or more runs. A bet on the Pirates would mean you think they’ll either a) win or b) lose by fewer than 2 points.

    Because “points’ are called “runs” in baseball, you’ll sometimes see this called the run line.

    MLB Futures Bets

    Futures bets are wagers you place on something happening in the…wait for it…future. Typically, these bets have you wagering on a specific team to win its conference or the world series. You can also bet on a specific player to win MVP at the end of the season.

    It’s hard to predict these outcomes so far in advance, so futures bets usually come with big potential payouts. They’re a high-risk, high reward move. While they can provide great potential value, they also have a high chance of losing. Place futures bets responsibly, using the information at your disposal (hint: on this page) to your advantage.

    Here’s an example from DraftKings of some futures odds.

    Odds To Win The 2022 World Series

    • LA Dodgers +700
    • Houston Astros +900
    • NY Yankees +900
    • NY Mets +1000
    • Chicago White Sox +1100
    • Toronto Blue Jays +1100
    • San Diego Padres +1300
    • Atlanta Braves +1400

    The list goes on to include every MLB team, but you get the picture. Even the most likely outcome, according to oddsmakers, still comes with odds of +700. A $100 bet would win you a cool $700 if the Dodgers did go on to win the World Series, but it’s still a longshot.

    MLB Playoff Picks

    Playoffs offer some of the most competitive baseball match-ups. The best of the best fight for a spot in the World Series, making these games action-packed and eventful.

    As a result, MLB playoffs are also excellent for betting, and we offer picks for every game. Keep an eye out as the 2022 season progresses for playoff future picks on this page, then get ready for more granular bets once they actually arrive.

    World Series Picks

    It’s the main event, the single series that brings all baseball fans and bettors together for up to seven games featuring the top two teams of the season. The World Series is the peak of the baseball calendar.

    As the World Series approaches, expect our picks to be sprinkled with occasional futures, especially if there’s good value on a high-performing team. When the World Series arrives, we’ll have plenty of expert picks on offer as well to help you make great bets.

    Are Your MLB Picks Chosen By Experts?

    This page collects picks from our house capper as well as regular contributions from our expert cappers. Each week, they’ll write picks articles packed to the brim with MLB predictions based on stats, roster changes, and more. Their picks will then be added to this page so you can read them, explore the options, and make bets based on our experts’ opinions.

    Picks For Other Sports

    You may be ready to place bets based on our expert baseball picks and predictions, but we don’t stop there. We also offer picks for every other major sport, including NBA, NCAAB, NHL, NCAAF, NFL, MLS, and more. Check out those pages for more well-researched picks and predictions.

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