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@MattyChucks' Championship Futures +31000 Parlay - 12/21

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I am very excited about this futures parlay! They are awesome to do for free bets and very small amounts of money to hopefully cash a big ticket. They give you a little more to root for when certain playoffs start. I have been doing this since 2020 where I hit a free bet +12500 3 sport future parlay on the Lightning, Lakers, and Dodgers to win their championships and another +50660 which had the previous 3 + the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl. See the tickets below!

MattyChucks Futures Parlay
MattyChucks Futures Parlay
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This year I am waiting for the Bills to win the Super Bowl as my last leg in a +80750 odds futures parlay where I put $25 to win $20,000. I decided that this would be more fun if we all could sweat one out together and possibly do a few down the road so that we always have one of these alive at all times.

MattyChucks Futures Parlay

Matty's +31,100 Futures Parlay

For the NFL I already posted a Cowboys Futures article, but the value has significantly dropped and I don’t want to double down. The Bills also cash me the big parlay, and I would like to not have more action there (also they have the worst odds lol). I was deciding between the Chiefs and the 49ers as I think those 2 teams have decent value and stacked rosters. I don’t trust the 49ers QB situation so I think the Chiefs are the play for me even though we will need their defense to step up.

For the NBA I really like the Celtics and the Bucks which are the 2 top teams odds wise to win the Finals. The Celtics got their first finals nerves out of the way and significantly improved their roster this season. The Bucks on the other hand could have won the Finals last season if Middleton never got hurt. I think we have to go to the Bucks as it is very hard to make deep Finals runs consecutively.

Hockey is where it gets tough. This is a league that isn’t very top heavy and due to things like puck luck there are teams who are red hot that just steal the show. The Avalanche just won the cup, but it is so hard to repeat and they had to let some key pieces go this season. The Bruins are the 2nd best option and have surprised some people this year. I think it is between the Bruins, Hurricanes, and Maple Leafs. This Leafs team is actually playing good defense and has good goaltending. It is a more disciplined team than year's past. The Hurricanes have one of the best rosters in the league and should be getting their goalies healthy in the 2nd half of the season and getting Paccioretty back who hasn’t played all season. They are a scary good team and I think we roll with them.

We have the Chiefs, Bucks, Hurricanes at +31100 Odds! $3.33 pays out $1,000! Feel free to put whatever you like, but please don’t go crazy!

MattyChucks Futures Parlay
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