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What Are Free NBA picks?

Free NBA Picks are weekly picks for the best bets on the greatest basketball action in the world. We select the plays that offer you an advantage for your sports wagering and NBA action.

How much would you pay for the best NBA picks today? You would probably pay a subscription fee to get them delivered to you via email or on our website. But, would you be surprised to learn that our NBA Betting Picks are free of charge? No cost to you. Amazing perhaps, but true.

We never charge for access to the best NBA picks of the day from our basketball picks writers. The picks are yours, to assist you make the best decision in your basketball wagering.

How We Make Our NBA Picks of the Day

When we make our free NBA basketball picks, we consider a number of factors, including:

  • Team trends
  • Travel schedule
  • Player injuries and availability
  • Player trends: who’s hot, who’s not
  • Site of the NBA game

It's crucial to get detailed analysis for your NBA picks, because in modern basketball, coaches often give star players a night off, or manage the load time of key players on their roster. The absence or limited play of one player can impact an NBA game odds dramatically. Getting the best NBA free picks that take into account game and player trends can offer you best plays for your wagering.

Where can I get the best NBA picks for today’s games?

In the UK, go to our sportsbook page to find the best offers for basketball picks. The NBA sportsbook offers action on every NBA game, so you can take part in the thrilling hardcourt sport by laying down your bets on your favorite odds.

In the United States there are many options for betting on the NBA. Many of the best sportsbooks offer not only futures, parlay betting, and moneyline bets on NBA games but also live betting options.

To bet on NBA Basketball:

  • Create an account at any sportsbook like BetMGM
  • Verify your identity and geographic location
  • Use a coupon code to get your special bonus offer
  • Make a deposit into your account
  • Start betting on the NBA!

NBA Picks Against the Spread

When we identify good opportunities to bet against the spread, we’ll share those picks and NBA predictions on our website.

How to make your NBA Picks Against the Spread

What Is Against the Spread Betting?

If you want to make a habit of betting the spread in NBA games, you can consult our Free NBA picks here. We advise looking into ATS betting, which can really help you maximize your winnings.

In betting ATS, you choose a team that’s favored and bet against them to cover, or you choose a team not favored and wager that they will beat that spread. For example:

  1. Knicks are -11 against the Warriors. You bet that the Knicks will NOT lose by 11 or more. If they don’t, you win your wager.
  2. Lakers are 5 point favorites against the Clippers. You bet that LA won’t cover that spread, and if the Clippers lose by four points or less, or win the game outright, you’re an NBA bet winner.

How To Find the Best Against the Spread NBA Bets

The best tools for betting the NBA spread are to pay attention to trends with teams throughout the season. You’ll also want to keep an eye on injuries and roster moves. The travel schedule of both teams can also be important. How many days in a row has the road team played? How many days off does team X have compared to their opponent? And so on.

NBA Over/Under Bets

Examples of NBA Over/Under Betting

Here’s a simple example of Over/Under bets in the NBA:

  • Timberwolves vs. Knicks (O/U 213.5, -110). This means if you bet on the over or under and are correct, you’ll win $100 on a $115 bet. The O/U is the combined points for both teams in the NBA game.

To learn more about how these sports bets work check out our full over/under betting guide.

NBA picks by Basketball Experts

We’ve seen a lot of NBA basketball, and we spend time sifting through the data and betting trends to inform ourselves on our Free NBA Picks of the Day and Week.

What NBA games can I bet on?

In each full NBA season there are 1,230 games (82 games per team). That’s an average of about three games per week per team, and on most days of the week there’s at least one game on the NBA schedule, where some of the best athletes compete above the rim.

Sportsbooks offer betting on basketball in the NBA in many ways:

Here’s a quick rundown on what each of these types of bets are.

Team Futures NBA

For example, you can bet on whether a team will win more or less than X number of games in the season. Or bet on who will win the NBA FInals before the season starts or weeks or months before the playoffs.

Player Futures Bets

Get odds on which player may win the NBA Most Valuable Player Award, Rookie of the Year, and so on. Or pick the NBA player who will win the scoring title for that season. Some sportsbooks will even let you bet on over/under for triple-doubles for an NBA player. A triple-double is when a player gets double digits in points, assists, and rebounds in the same game.

Spread or Moneyline NBA Bets

The simplest form of game action betting: pick a team to win, either by giving or taking points, or via the moneyline. A favorite is indicated by giving points (-5 for example) and as a Minus sign in the Moneyline (for example: the Lakers are -135 against the Knicks, meaning you win $100 for every $135 you bet on the Lakers to win).


With all the scoring in the NBA, over/under betting can be a fun way to enjoy the action. With this type of bet (also called “Totals” bets), you bet on whether the two teams will go over or under a specified point total. Typically the odds are short, as in -110 or -108 per game.

How to Parlay Bet the NBA

Parlay bets can be thrilling because they offer a big payoff and require a series of events to happen to win your NBA bet. For example:

  • NBA team #1 wins by X points AND
  • NBA #2 scores 120 points AND
  • NBA player X has 15 assists AND
  • NBA player Y grabs 12 rebounds AND
  • NBA player Z gets a triple double

In the above example, if you get all legs of the parlay correct, SWOOSH you win big. Not all sportsbooks and jurisdictions allow parlay bets, so check offerings in your area.

Live NBA Betting

With Live Betting, you can bet on almost any type of event in an NBA game while it’s being played. Choose which team will get the next three-point field goal, for example. Live betting is a fun way to enhance your viewing of a basketball game. Check your area and favorite sportsbook to make sure live betting on the NBA is permitted where you are.

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