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See our NBA Parlay bet for this week's NBA action below. A parlay includes multiple bets combined together to give you better odds. Our Parlay bets are all provided by our resident cappers Austinsprops, Capper Penguin, McBets & Matty Chucks.

FlashPicks NBA Parlays

Friday's @SmartPicksUS NBA Parlay

  • 76ers
    Fri 12 Apr
  • Moneyline - PHI

    76ers have won 100% of their last 5 games.

  • Knicks
    Fri 12 Apr
  • Moneyline - NYK

    Knicks have won 80% of their last 5 games

  • Mavericks
    Sat 13 Apr
  • Moneyline - DAL

    Mavericks have won 100% of their last 5 games.

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    NBA Parlay Bets

    Every season, we offer a huge slate of NBA picks and parlays to help you make solid bets at various online sportsbooks. This season is no different. The 2022-23 NBA season is brimming with new talent and strong team units, making it a prime time for NBA betting.

    On this page, you’ll find the best NBA parlay picks today, tomorrow, and throughout the season. We curate the best picks from our team of experts and give them to you so you can place smart wagers on basketball games.

    Plus, we’ll dive deep into parlays, explaining what they are, how to place a good parlay bet, and much more.

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    NBA | Fri 04/12, 11:00 PM
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    NBA | Fri 04/12, 11:00 PM
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    NBA | Sat 04/13, 12:00 AM


    To make sure you get the best value for your parlay, betting with the right book is important. See below the top 3 books we think are best for NBA Parlays. For more check out NBA Sportsbooks

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    Virginia: Bet $5, Get $150 Guaranteed OR $1,000 First Bet Safety Net

    Deposit required. Bonus Bets winnings are added to Bonus Bets balance. Bonus Bet wager excluded from returns. T&Cs, time limits and exclusions apply. CO, NJ, OH, VA, IA & KY only. Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-Gambler. 21+


    What Is An NBA Parlay?

    If you’re looking to place the best NBA parlays today, you first need to understand exactly what a parlay is. A parlay combines multiple wagers into a single bet. Rather than placing one bet on one outcome (e.g. moneyline or totals), you combine a number of bets. The result? You get better odds and a higher possible payout, but your bet is less likely to hit.

    Here’s an example. Let’s say you see the following moneyline odds for a slate of games: 76ers (-145), Jazz (-510), and Clippers (-195). Individually those bets wouldn’t pay much because each team is the favorite to win. However, if you combine them into a parlay, the odds become +205. The catch? Each of those three teams needs to win in order for your bet to hit.

    Parlays are high-risk, high-reward. For that reason, many casual bettors enjoy them. It’s fun to track multiple games and hope that your 3- or 5-leg parlay hits. The large possible payouts make parlays enticing, but don’t go overboard. It’s important to stay measured while you’re placing a parlay to give yourself the best possible outcome.

    Same Game Parlays

    For the most part, you can only combine bets on separate games into a parlay. For example, you often aren’t allowed to make an NBA parlay pick that includes both a totals bet and a point pred bet on the same game.

    However, some NBA sportsbooks offer special Same Game Parlay deals that allow you to do just that. Be on the lookout for promotions that let you combine multiple bets on the same game.

    How To Win An NBA Parlay

    For a parlay to win, every individual bet within it (called a “leg”) needs to hit. So if you bet on the 76ers, Jazz, and Clippers in the example above, they all need to win. If even one team loses, you lose your original bet.

    However, there’s sometimes a glimmer of hope: parlay insurance. This is a special promotion that sportsbooks offer occasionally. If you apply parlay insurance to your NBA parlay picks, you could get some of your bet back if only one leg loses.

    Again using the example above, let’s say FanDuel offers parlay insurance that will igve you your money back if only one leg misses. In that case, if the Jazz and Clippers win but the 76ers lose, you’d still keep your original bet thanks to the insurance. Sometimes the promotions are structured differently, so read the fine print. But it’s a nice safety net that basketball bettors would take note of.

    Finally, note that basketball parlay bets (and those in other sports) usually have an upper limit in terms of number of legs allowed. It varies by sportsbook, but most won’t allow you to combine more than 10 or 12 bets into a single parlay. It’s good to know, but keep in mind that the best NBA parlays today are those that combine a few savvy bets, not those that feature tons of wagers.

    No matter how savvy your NBA picks and parlays may be, sports betting is still gambling. So there’s no way you can guarantee a win. Make smart, small parlays to give yourself an edge.

    How To Place An NBA Parlay Bet

    Placing an NBA parlay is remarkably similar to placing any single bet (for more on that, check out our NBA Sportsbooks page). You just need to follow a few extra steps in order to combine your bets. Here’s a step-by-step guide.

    1. Find the NBA picks you’d like to combine into a parlay.
    2. Select each bet individually, adding them to your bet slip one by one (don’t worry that they aren’t combined yet; that comes later).
    3. Head to your betslip. Double-check that you have all your desired bets listed.
    4. You’ll see two options when it comes time to type your bet amount: “singles” and “parlay.” As you might have guessed, you want “Parlay.” (“Singles” would simply place an individual bet on each game.)
    5. Type the amount you’d like to wager on the party.
    6. Select “place bet” and wait for the sportsbook to confirm your NBA parlay has gone through.

    For further insights on the process and navigating NBA parlays and picks in an online sportsbook, visit our NBA sportsbooks page.

    How Do You Pick Your Basketball Parlay Bets?

    Our in-house experts consider a wide variety of factors when determining the best NBA picks and parlays. Here are a few things we look at in particular to help you place the best possible bet.

    Track Record And Coaching

    A team’s performance in general is a huge factor when considering NBA parlay picks. How has the team been performing lately? Do the players have chemistry? Does the coach unify the team and push them to play their best? All of this comes out in the data. Player stats and team stats play a big role in determining our top NBA parlay picks today.

    Data Deep Dive

    In the sports betting world, data is king. And sportsbooks have lots of data on hand to help us formulate our best NBA parlay bets. We look at historic performance against the odds and carefully tailor our picks so they factor in the ever-changing NBA player and team data.


    Home court advantage can have a real effect on a game’s outcome, particularly if a team is playing against a rival. This isn’t one of our biggest criteria, but it does contribute to our picking process.

    Injuries And Rosters

    It probably goes without saying that injuries can massively impact parlays. If a star player goes down, that can have a huge effect on a team’s performance. We monitor team injuries and medical updates around the clock to be sure we never miss even a tiny detail.

    How To Calculate NBA Parlay Odds

    Thankfully, you usually don’t have to do any calculations on your own. If you’re placing an NBA parlay bet at a major sportsbook site, the work will be done for you.

    Select your bets using the process we outlined above, and the sportsbook will tell you exactly what the odds are on your parlay.

    If you wish to do some research on your own before using an NBA sportsbook, you can always use an odds calculator to determine your possible NBA parlay payout.

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