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NFL Picks And Predictions

At FlashPicks, we’re here to give bettors an edge. That’s why we offer weekly NFL game picks completely free of charge.

Our team of NFL and sports betting fans comb through the odds at major sports betting sites to provide you with the best NFL picks today, tomorrow, and every week that football is in season.

By producing free NFL picks on a daily and weekly basis, we’re looking to give you, the bettor, as much of an advantage as possible when you’re placing football bets. We’re here to help bettors maximize win potential with NFL picks that consider a number of key factors.

This NFL picks page will give you the best football picks this week and for the entire season, from NFL kickoff to the Super Bowl.

Free NFL Picks Explained

NFL picks and predictions are just that: picks and predictions. The list you’ll find on this page and on many others throughout Flash Picks are our top selections for winning bets.

When it comes to NFL picks for week 1 and beyond are just difficult to call. That’s why we’re offering our picks for free.

Sports bettors should have access to the best information, and that includes NFL betting picks. Many sites can and will charge for such picks, but we offer them at no cost to help you make the very best picks on NFL games throughout the regular season and playoffs, all the way up to the Super Bowl.

You might follow picks because you’re looking to make the smartest bets. Or you may follow them because you want to confirm that your personal picks are backed by the opinions of our NFL enthusiasts Or you might be a casual bettor looking to find a solid bet on your favorite team for this week.

Sports betting goes well beyond the moneyline, point spreads, and totals, and the best NFL picks will include those bets plus many others.

How Do You Pick Your Free NFL Football Selections?

Our team’s analysis includes a variety of key factors that can influence a football game. That’s why you can trust our free football picks to be smart, measured wagers that can help you make the most of your sports betting experience. Here are a few of the factors we consider when making our football picks today and throughout the season.

Weather & Location

All of our free NFL football picks take the weather and game location into account. Some teams play better under a dome, while others flourish in the unpredictable weather of their hometown. There’s also a home-field advantage to consider when it comes to pro football picks. Fans can contribute to the overall atmosphere of a match, and momentum plays a big factor in football.

Play conditions can make or break football teams, so these factors are obviously important in making NFL picks in 2023 and the seasons to come.

Injuries & Illness

More than in almost any other sport, football players are prone to injury. It’s a brutal sport with huge collisions and a lot of physical risks. And as any fantasy football player knows, injuries can be a massive factor in making football picks.


Some teams just get outcoached. It’s that simple. We take a look at the coaching staff of competing teams, taking into account the coaches’ history against one another. Play-calling is another massive factor here. Coaches need to be sharp and steady, and their decisions can make for big wins or crushing losses.

Booms Vs. Busts

Some rookie players have breakout debut games or seasons. Some veterans lose the limelight and their performance deteriorates. Some athletes perform at a top-level for years straight without any signs of slowing down.

A star player can make for a lot of wins, and we factor these possibilities into our NFL top picks each and every week. Terrible defense matched up against a star running back? That’ll influence our picks for sure.

Where Can I Place NFL Game Picks Today?

Here’s the short answer: at a sportsbook! Here’s the slightly longer answer: you can place bets using our NFL picks, predictions, and tips at any of our top NFL sportsbooks.

Head to our NFL sportsbooks page for a full rundown of the best football sports betting sites, plus instructions on how to sign up, make a deposit, and place a bet. The process is fairly simple, and we can walk you through it step by step.

Where Can I Find The Best NFL Picks Against The Spread?

NFL picks against the spread are commonly searched for by sports bettors. Because teams can be so mismatched in the NFL, point spread are a great way to even the odds.

You can find plenty of NFL football picks against the spread right here on our website to help you make the best point spread bets.

How To Pick Against The Spread

Betting against the spread means you’re wagering against an altered outcome instead of simply betting on a team to win outright. The favorite will be given a handicap while the underdog will be given extra points. For example, you might see the following odds:

  • 49ers -3.5 (-105)
  • Seahawks +3.5 (-115)

If you bet the 49ers against the spread, they would need to beat the Seahawks by 4 points or more for your bet to hit. The Seahawks would either need to win outright or lose by fewer than three points for a bet on them to hit.

If the 49ers win 49-30, the margin of 19 points is more than enough for them to cover. However, if the 49ers win 23-21, the Seahawks cover the spread because they only lost by 2.

Look for good value in point spread bets like you see in the example above. The odds of -105 on the 49ers are slightly better than those on the Seahawks.

Also bear in mind that high-profile games will get a lot of public attention, which means more bets on those matches. That can skew the odds as more bets come in, so pay careful attention to our NFL picks to make the best selection.

What Types Of NFL Bets Can You Make?

NFL picks run the gamut when it comes to betting. There are all sorts of available wagers you can make. We dive into each of these in more detail in our NFL betting guide, but here’s a quick overview.

Point Spreads

As discussed above, NFL picks against the spread will all relate to point spread bets. Find a team you like, and bet their spread using our top picks. If your team covers, you win. Point spread even out the odds, especially for matchups including two teams of disparate skill or season performance.


If you see NFL picks straight up, that means the recommended bets are moneylines. Moneyline bets are simple: pick a team to win. The sportsbook will give you odds based on team history and other bets that are coming in. Typically, this means you’ll sacrifice some win potential if you bet on the favorite because that bet is more likely to hit than the underdog winning.

Moneyline bets are very common in the NFL because football games can change at the drop of a hat. Even the struggling teams can eke out a win from time to time. Our picks will often include moneyline bets that are worth your time.


When you hear the terms “Bet the over” or “bet the under,” we’re referencing totals bets. These wagers are great if you aren’t confident in the outcome of the game. Instead, you’re betting on the combined total score of the game. Here’s an example using the Broncos vs. the Chiefs:

  • Over 47 (-110)
  • Under 47 (-110)

Placing a bet on the over means you think the Chiefs and Broncos will combine for more than 47 points. The under means you think the combined score will total less than 47.

Many top NFL picks and predictions will include totals bets. Oftentimes it’s hard to predict who will win or cover. But when two top teams meet, they can stifle each other, making the under a good bet. Or a top team can meet a trailing team and blow them out with a massive run of scoring. Totals bets are perfect for these types of match-ups, which is why you’ll often find them in our picks.


Looking for NFL picks and parlays you can make to maximize your win possibility? We’ve got you covered. Parlays combine multiple single bets into one larger bet. Every individual leg of the parlay needs to hit in order for the bet to win.

We’ll occasionally offer NFL parlay picks here, but for the most part you can decide for yourself whether to combine our picks into a single parlay wager.


Teasers are a different type of parlay bet. In a teaser, you sacrifice points from one part of a bet and add them to another. These bets are ideal if you don’t love a line that;’s already set and you want to change it in your favor. For more on teasers, visit our NFL betting guide page.


Prop bets can be real moneymakers if you palace smart wagers. Props have you bet on the outcome of a part of the game or on a specific player’s performance. Our NFL picks will include occasional props such as a certain player to score a touchdown or a receiver to exceed a specific number of yards.


Futures bets look further into—you guessed it—the future. You won’t find many futures NFL picks midseason but when the NFL isn’t in season, you’ll find plenty of futures picks. These bets look at outcomes in the future such as which team will win the Super Bowl or who will win the NFC Championship.

Season Win Totals

Confident your favorite team will nab 10 wins this season? Some of our NFL picks will include win totals like that. We take a look at past performance and upcoming player rosters to determine the best picks for season win totals.

Halftimes And Quarters

Some NFL teams are known for strong performance out of the gate. Others are known for closing out games with a bang. Still, others might be known for playing solid throughout the entire game. In the case of the first two types of teams, it may be best to make bets on halftime or quarter scores.

We’ll occasionally sprinkle in halftime or quarters bets into our NFL weekly picks when we think they’re a smart move.

Are Your NFL Picks Chosen By Experts?

It’s hard to define an NFL expert, so we won’t claim that title. However, we’re still offering picks backed by research, stats, and a love for football. We are an experienced team of football fans that uses detailed research and analysis to find you the best NFL picks and predictions week-in and week-out.

Occasionally, we’ll welcome special guest experts who are full-fledged NFL know-it-alls to offer their actual expert picks. For special games, it only makes sense to bring in tried-and-true experts who can help you make smart NFL betting picks.

What NFL Games Can I Bet On?

If you’re looking for NFL picks this week, we’ve got them right here. Next week, too, and the following. You get the idea. There can be up to 16 games per week to bet on, and US sports betting apps don’t have any restrictions on which games you can actually bet on.

In total, the NFL regular season has 250+ games you can bet on every year. And that’s not including playoffs or the Super Bowl. We’ll give you football picks for each and every week so you won’t ever miss out.

Picks For Other Sports

We offer NFL picks weekly, of course. But that’s not all. We also have a wide array of picks available for a range of sports, not just Football. These include:

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