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See our NFL Parlay bet for this week's football action below. A parlay includes multiple bets combined together to give you better odds. Our Parlay bets are all provided by our resident cappers MCbets, Matty Chucks & Capper Penguin

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NFL Parlay Bets

The National Football league is one of the biggest sports organizations in the world, uniting millions of global fans each season. Thanks to its massive popularity, football is an excellent sport to bet on. On this page, we’ll share our ever-rotating list of NFL parlay picks.

If you’re a sports bettor, chances are you’ve built the occasional NFL parlay. This page will help you hone your picks so you can make solid NFL parlay bets with good payout opportunities.

New to NFL picks and parlays? This page will help you, too. Casual bettors can read up on the latest NFL parlays and discover more about the unique betting type.

Throughout each NFL season, you can check this page for information on how to bet NFL parlays and for our expert NFL picks.


To make sure you get the best value for your parlay, betting with the right book is important. See below the top 3 books we think are best for NFL Parlays. For more check out NFL Sportsbooks

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How Does A Football Parlay Work?

If you’re eager to understand how to make the best NFL parlays this week, this year, or maybe even next season, it first helps to understand how a parlay works in general.

Understanding Parlays

Parlays combine multiple individual bets into a single wager. To win, every individual bet within the parlay (called a “leg,”) must win. Because the best NFL parlays (and parlays in any sport, for that matter) require a number of bets to hit, the odds are higher than most individual bets. In essence, parlays are a high-risk, high-reward type of bet. If you’re careful to make good selections using the NFL football parlay sheets on this page, you can maximize your chances to win your NFL parlays.

NFL Parlays Example

An NFL parlay combines the outcomes of various football games into a single wager, typically with better odds than any of the wagers would give you individually. Here’s an example. Say you want to combine four NFL game bets into a parlay:

  • Chicago Bears point spread -3.5 (-110)
  • Buffalo Bills moneyline (-195)
  • Titans/Patriots Over 44.5 (-110)
  • Miami Dolphins moneyline (+100)

Each of those bets might individually get you an okay payout. But if you’re confident each outcome will hit, then you can combine them into a parlay with odds of +1002. A bet of $100 on that parlay would pay $1002 in profit if it hit. Remember, every single one of those outcomes must hit. That’s why football parlay odds are so high.

If the Bears, Bill, and Dolphins all won or covered, but the Titans/Patriots combines for a total of 30 points, the entire parlay would lose, and you would not receive any winnings. That’s where the risk factors in.

You can see why many sports bettors like parlays. Football parlay cards can make for some huge wins if the bets all hit. This is especially true when you compare parlays to individual bets, which have relatively low payouts.

How To Win An NFL Parlay

There’s no guaranteed method to win an NFL parlay. This is sports betting, after all. But you can give yourself an edge with a few tips and tricks. Note that every sportsbook has its own limit on the number of legs you can include in a parlay. It’s usually in the 10-12 range, though we recommend keeping your parlays smaller to give yourself a better shot at winning. Remember, every single outcome you choose has to hit in order for your NFL parlay bet to win. With that in mind, consider the following as you place an NFL parlay bet:

How To Place An NFL Parlay Bet

You know how a parlay works. You have your picks. You’ve got money in your NFL sports betting account. Now you’re ready to place an NFL parlay.

Fortunately, the process is incredibly easy. It’s a lot like placing any other wager, though there is a single added step.

First, find the bets you’d like to make. Go ahead and add them to your bet slip as you go along by selecting each one you like. If you’re still unsure about a specific leg of your parlay, add it anyway and you can always remove it later.

Once you have your NFL parlay bets selected, head to your bet slip. They should all be listed individually. If you selected one you no longer want to include in the parlay, be sure to delete it now. Then, scroll to the bottom of your bet slip and find the section that says “parlay.” It will give you the odds if you combine all the bets. Type in the amount you’d like to wager, then select “place bet.” Wait for the sportsbook to confirm your bet is all set, and you’re good to go.

If you need more info on how to navigate NFL parlays, visit our NFL sportsbooks page.

How Do You Pick Your Football Parlay Bets?

NFL picks and parlays can be hard to come by if you’re looking for solid, reliable picks. Our experts look at a number of key factors when making NFL parlay sheets and recommendations. These include:

How To Calculate NFL Parlay Odds

Fortunately, you have to do very little work when it comes to calculating your NFL parlay odds. Simply add your bets into your bet slip, and click on your bet slip when you’re done. The sportsbook will have completed the calculations for you, showing you the odds on your parlay bet. Once you type your bet amount, the sportsbook will also show you the payout you’d receive if your bet wins.

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