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NFL Betting Guide

FlashPicks NFL Betting Guide

Why bet on the NFL?

Why wouldn’t you?! That’s the real question!

The NFL is a sporting juggernaut. It’s huge. Not just here in the States, but around the world. Four nights of pulsating action per week, ever-increasing coverage across TV and social media presence, international games in London, Germany and Mexico. It’s no surprise to see the sport’s popularity on the rise.

Another area of growth for the NFL is in online sports betting. The NFL has buddied up with a bunch of sportsbooks in recent years to develop this part of the brand. Online betting is currently legal in over 30 US states and jurisdictions, it’s becoming more accessible to so many more people in the USA. It’s where the money’s at!

Whether you’re an NFL Betting veteran or preparing for your rookie season, you’re in the right place. Scroll on down to find out how NFL Betting works, how and where you can place bets on the NFL, and much more.

How to bet on the NFL

As mentioned above, NFL Betting is only getting bigger – and so is online sports betting.

With Sportsbook apps becoming legal in more and more parts of the USA, betting on the big game has never been easier. Bet pre-game, bet in-play, or bet on something else. NFL Futures Betting includes betting on markets like Division Winners, MVPs, Coach of the Year and more.

The regular NFL season includes 272 games. Then you’ve got the NFL Playoffs, Conference Championships and of course, the Super Bowl.

So many games, so many markets. Read on and find out more.

Types of NFL bets you can place

Extra eyes on the Gridiron means more betting opportunities. Every stat on every player is available these days, all weighed up against how each opponent is set up to handle them. That’s why Player Props are becoming one of the most popular aspects of NFL Betting now.

We’ll talk you through those and more in our Top 5 types of NFL bets. Let’s go!


An easy one to start. Who wins? Yep, it’s as simple as that.
Nothing else comes into consideration. Are you rollin’ with the favorite or the plucky underdog?
Up to 16 games a week to choose from here. Perfect for an NFL Parlay.

Point Spreads

Now we’re making things interesting. It’s no longer just about the winner. Think the Chiefs will beat the Broncos? Sure. But can they cover the spread? Basically, we’re giving the underdog some imaginary points to play with.
Points spreads give us better odds for favorites compared to the moneyline, but now the margin of victory is the crucial factor.

Firstly, always consider the key numbers in football scoring. Three for a Field Goal, seven for a touchdown, 10, 14 and so on. For example, if the spread is set at -6.5, picking the favorite means they need to win by one touchdown or more for you to win.

However, if that line shifts to -7.5 and the favorite wins by exactly a touchdown, then the underdog wins the bet. What looks like a small shift actually requires another scoring drive.

It’s also a good way to bring the underdog onside. Are the high-scoring Dolphins being favored too heavily against a defense you think is a little underrated? If you think the Moneyline is unlikely but can see the little guys keeping it close, this is a great way to go.

Game Totals (Over/Under)

OK, if you thought that was a little complex, then we’ll come back down to earth. Over/Under Game Totals is all about the number of points scored in a game.

Two struggling offenses? Back-up Quarterbacks? Inclement weather? Then you might be expecting a low-scoring game and back the Unders.

Two offenses who don’t quit, going at in a shoot-out? Patched up defenses? Then it’s one for the Overs.
Of course, the game lines are set by sportsbooks taking all these things into consideration. But they’re there for you to study, take advantage of, and make that 50/50 call.

🚨 Some sportsbooks offer sliding scales on Points Spreads and Game Totals. Feeling brave? Move the totals in line with your thoughts to get the very best odds!

Touchdown Scorers

This is what football’s all about! You can bet on anything and everything in the NFL, but there’s no better sight than seeing your pick run into the endzone!

There are a number of options, too. Anytime TD scorer is the safest play, but you can get increased odds on the first TD scorer, the next scorer, or a player crossing the line for multiple touchdowns.

If you win big, you can even hit the Griddy yourself.

Player Props

As we mentioned at the start, Player Props are hugely popular in NFL betting and a same-game parlay is one of the best ways to use them – combining multiple legs to give you better odds.
But we’ll just talk about the individual legs here and all the different options.
Some of the Player Props you’ll find will relate to:

  • Passing Yards
  • Rushing Yards and Carries
  • Receiving Yards and Receptions

Sacks, tackles and interceptions are available too. It’s not all about the offense!

The standard for the above is Over/Unders, but look out for Milestone Props too. For yards, you can choose from 25, 50, 75, 100 and so on. For receptions, it might be 5, 7, 10 etc – there are just so many different ways to get onside with Player Props. We love ‘em!

NFL Betting mistakes to avoid

NFL Betting should always be fun. Sure, bringing in the big bucks is great – but it’s gambling at the end of the day. Having a good time and adding to the gameday experience should be your ultimate goal – and here are a few top tips to ensure you do exactly that.

Manage Your Bankroll and Budget

The first rule in NFL Betting is to set yourself a bankroll you can afford. So separating gambling funds and personal finances is an awesome idea. Even if we do say so ourselves.

When you’re gambling with cash you can’t afford, the fun can quickly come to an end. And if you’re dipping in and out of your personal funds every time you want to place a bet, it’s easy to lose track, and far easier for gambling to affect your finances.

The next tip is: don’t take money out of your bankroll regularly. If at all.

Professional sports bettors build up the bankroll until they hit a target, or they’ll wait until the end of the year or sporting season. You’ve got your bankroll, you’re playing with money separate to your personal finances, so leave it in there. Any profit is just a little extra to play with down the line.

Set yourself a target. Is there something you want to save up for? The money could go towards a vacation, a down-payment, anything. So have a figure in mind, build towards it and leave your bankroll… well, rolling.

Reach that figure – or reach the end of the NFL season – and then it’s time to withdraw.

Avoid Emotional Bets

It’s tough, we know. But leave emotion at the door. Look, imagine you’re from Chicago, or New York, and you bet on your team to win as a show of support?! Your bankroll would take a beating! Sorry, we couldn’t resist.

It can work the other way too with an “emotional hedge”, of course. Backing against your team so there’s a financial benefit to a bad result can ease the pain of a tough loss. Maybe you’re 28-3 up in the Super Bowl and you put a bet on the worst-case scenario…

Honestly, would a tidy profit make up for throwing away the Championship? We’re not so sure! We’re not saying avoid your team’s games entirely – just look for the bets that make sense. Player props, points, anything. Just maybe leave the Moneyline out of it.

Flat Betting – don’t chase losses

Losing streaks happen. It’s just part of the game. If you lose a bet or two, stay measured and don’t stray from the strategy. If you increase your stake to get even and get your money back, you’re just as likely to hit a bad streak and lose more.

That’s where Flat Betting comes in. An approach where you never vary from your stake. It means consistency, and it means you never go chasing losses – which is the ultimate no-no in NFL betting.

One major benefit to this method is that it preserves your bankroll for a considerable length of time – as long as you pick a few winners along the way, of course! Then maybe if you’re up or down a considerable amount of units, you could consider switching up your unit size to reflect your updated bankroll.

Ultimately, it’s all about trusting the process.

Don’t rely on favorites

Sure, favorites are favorites for a reason. But upsets can and do occur more often than you’d think. So don’t just jump in blind.

Place bets based on your own research, see what the FlashPicks experts have to say, and check out all the stats and advice on offer. If your instincts tell you to be with the favorite, there’s nothing wrong with that. Just keep a level head and bet smart.

Where is NFL Betting legal?

Sports betting is now legal in more than 30 States. Some allow in-person betting only, while others have full online sports betting sites available. Here’s a list of the current legal markets where you can enjoy NFL betting.


● Arkansas



● Delaware (in-person only)



● Iowa


● Kentucky


● Maryland

● Massachusetts


● Mississippi (in-person only)

● Montana (in-person only)

● Nevada

● New Hampshire

New Jersey

● New Mexico (in-person only)

New York

● North Carolina (in-person only, online coming soon)

● North Dakota (in-person only)




● Rhode Island

● South Dakota (in-person only)



● Washington, D.C.

● West Virginia

● Wisconsin (in-person only)Wyoming

Where to find NFL Picks & Predictions

FlashPicks, obviously! We offer unmissable insight into the NFL week, after week, after week. Take a look at our picks and predictions for every matchup, and check back daily for updates and news about the NFL.

Plus, you’ll get our very best bets for the biggest games, put together by our team of NFL-loving experts. Tail, fade, do as you please. Just make sure you’re taking advantage of all the info we provide, so you get the ultimate NFL Betting experience.

Best Sportsbooks for NFL Betting

All NFL Betting Sportsbooks will typically have similar odds, but there can be small differences you can use to your advantage. One might have bigger prices on the underdog, you may find better odds on Game Totals elsewhere, or one may set a lower target for QB passing yards.

Others will include different NFL offers, Parlay Insurance, Bonuses and more. When you have an NFL bet in mind, shop around and check all your sportsbook options to see what suits you.

Here are some of the Sportsbooks you just have to try:

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