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FanDuel NFL HiLo Tips

What is Fanduel Hi Lo?

FanDuel has a new free-to-play NFL game called Hi Lo.

In Hi Lo you guess the highest and lowest performing NFL teams across four different statlines for the week (Think Seahawks will score the most points, Bengals will score the least points, Cowboys will record the most sacks, Cardinals will record the least sacks). Points are rewarded based on how well your guesses turn out. At the end of the week, players with the most points will win cash prizes. $1,000 to the player with the best weekly score, $100 for second place, $90 for third place and so on all the way to $1 dollar for coming in 1,000th place. If you get a perfect score by correctly predicting the Highest and Lowest teams across the four statlines correctly, you’ll win 1 million dollars!

 Fanduel Hi Lo

How Do You Play Hi Lo?

Fanduel Hi Lo can be played both on the website and the app. In order to play, you must have a Fanduel account.
To sign up for a Fanduel account you:

  • Go to the Fanduel website or app and click/tap on “Join Now”
  • Select your state
  • Give your email address and create your username and password
  • Verify yourself with some extra information
  • Now you’re all set to play Hi Lo!

To join the competition on Fanduel, find the NFL Hi Lo game in the “Free to Play” section.

Fanduel Hi Lo free to play

what selections do you pick for FanDuel Hi Lo

So far, it seems like the four Hi Lo statlines have remained the same through Week 3 of the NFL. They are: total points, passing yards, rushing yards, and sacks.

Fanduel Selections
Fanduel Scorecard

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