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Super Bowl Records


Statistics and data are now ingrained in our daily sports consumption whether that being from recent fixtures of looking back in history. This article focusses on some of the finest Super Bowl records that will blow your mind.

Highest Scoring Super Bowl Match

We all love a game which can get us out of seats and attend matches for the thrills and spills, not forgetting the pulsating heart in mouth moments. For the supporters of the 1994 Super Bowl, they would have witnessed the highest scoring Super Bowl in history.

San Francisco 49ers emphatically beat San Diego Chargers 49-26, in what can be described as an explosive performance by the NFC side. One of the highlights was Steve Young finding Jerry Rice for a 44-yard touchdown, one of 6 touchdown passes from the dominant Young.

Highest Scoring Team in a Super Bowl Match

In the 1989 Super Bowl, the 49ers were also in the record books for scoring the most points as a team in Super Bowl history. A mouth-watering 55 points were accumulated against the Denver Broncos, with five passing touchdowns contributing to this.

It was a destruction job for the NFC side, with a 45-point margin over the Broncos which also levelled them with Pittsburgh Steelers with four Super Bowl victories at the time. Joe Montana was instrumental in this fixture, completing all five touchdown passes, and completed 22 of 29 passes for 297 yards. Impressive stuff!

Most Receiving Yards

Mentioned earlier in this article, it’s no shock to hear that Rice holds the record for most career receiving yards in Super Bowl history. In 4 games played, Rice managed 589 receiving yards which puts him at the summit and clear of Rob Gronkowski who has 364 receiving yards in 5 games.

Rice boasts 33 receptions and three of the top 10 spots for receiving yards, with catching an impressive eight touchdowns in his Super Bowl appearances. Another notable career highlight was he received a career total of 22,895 receiving yards, which is also a personal record he holds, with an average of 14.8.

Most Turnovers

Turnovers add to the spice and rigours of sporting events around the world, especially when the stakes are high, and they can be the difference from winning and losing. The Baltimore Colts and Dallas Cowboys played out a record-breaking “Blunder Bowl” as it can be prescribed in what some Super Bowl fanatics will describe as one of the worst Super Bowls ever.

This game was a complete mess, with a staggering 11 combined turnovers in a comedy of errors saw a narrow 16-13 victory for the Colts. It was also a record number by a winning team (seven), and another fun fact is that it’s the only Super Bowl in history where the MVP went to someone on the losing side.

Most Super Bowl Appearances

Now in the UK football scene as an investor at Birmingham City, Tom Brady cemented himself in NFL history as one of the finest quarterbacks to grace the turf. Brady also holds the record for most career games at the Super Bowl, participating in 10 games which shows the longevity of his career.

Brady played for 23 seasons in the NFL, mostly for the New England Patriots and in the latter stages Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Over his career he won 70% of the Super Bowl games he participated in with a passer rating of 97.7%. Truly remarkable.

Most Passing Yards in a Single Game

Brady is almost incomparable, as he also holds the record for most passing yards (505) in a single Super Bowl game against Philadelphia Eagles in 2018. He also holds the second-best record with 466 yards. This was also a record-breaking game for setting a record for most combined yards in a single Super Bowl with a total of 1,151.

Adding further to this, Brady holds the all-time Super Bowl record for career passing yards with 3,039 over his 10 games. Nine of which were with the Patriots as he coasted his way to the top of the charts.