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What Is A Unit In Betting?

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How to Judge Betting Records

If you're new to betting, knowing exactly what to look for when finding a professional bettor to tail can be a bit confusing.

While a bettor with a 50-40 record may - on paper - look better than one with a 40-40 record but looking solely at these records can be misleading. At the end of the day, a better betting record does not equate to more money won, as weird as that sounds.

Using Units to Measure Success

The more important aspect to look at when betting is units won.

In order to accurately measure units won, you must employ a flat-betting approach which basically means that you bet the same amount of money on every bet - every time you bet. If you usually wager $10 per bet, one unit for you would be $10.

This approach is not only the best for seeing how good of a bettor you are, it’s also the safest - not allowing you to fall into the hole of chasing your losses.

How Units Work

Say one unit to you is $10 and you bet one unit on team A to win their game @ -110. If team A wins - Congrats -  you will have won $9.00, or 0.9 units. Your unit record is now +0.9.

The next day you place another $10 bet on Team A to win @ -110 and Team A ends up losing. You just lost 1 whole unit, now your unit record is -0.1.

On the third day you wager one unit ($10) on Team A to win @ +220 and Team A wins. You just won 2.2 units ($22) and your unit record is now +2.1.


Always make sure to check units!

An overall betting record of 50-30 could be winning less money than one of 40-40 depending on the average odds of the bets.

And when you're tracking your own bets, always try to stick to your set units.

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