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Christmas Sports Schedule 2022

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Christmas 2022 Sports Schedule

Christmas, the biggest holiday of the year and a sports bettor’s paradise. This year’s Christmas Eve & Day occur on December 24th (Saturday) and 25th (Sunday) respectively. Over those two days, the NFL & NBA will combine for a total of 19 games played.

Christmas Eve Sports 2022

NFL Christmas Eve Sports 2022

  • Buffalo Bills @ Chicago Bears: 1pm ET on CBSNew
  • Orleans Saints @ Cleveland Browns: 1pm ET on CBS
  • Houston Texans @ Tennessee Titans: 1pm ET on CBS
  • Seattle Seahawks @ Kansas City Chiefs: 1pm ET on FOX
  • New York Giants @ Minnesota Vikings: 1pm ET on FOX
  • Cincinnati Bengals @ New England Patriots: 1pm ET on CBS
  • Detroit Lions @ Carolina Panthers: 1pm ET on FOX
  • Atlanta Falcons @ Baltimore Ravens: 1pm ET on FOX
  • Washington Commanders @ San Francisco 49ers: 4:05 pm ET on CBS
  • Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys: 4:25 pm ET on FOX
  • Las Vegas Raiders @ Pittsburgh Steelers: 8:15 pm ET on NFL Network

NBA Christmas Eve Sports 2022

Sadly, there are no NBA games on Christmas Eve but that 11 game NFL slate makes up for it!

Christmas Day Sports 2022

NFL Christmas Day Sports 2022

  • Green Bay Packers @ Miami Dolphins: 1pm ET on FOX
  • Denver Broncos @ Los Angeles Rams: 4:30pm ET on CBS
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Arizona Cardinals: 8:20pm ET on NBC

NBA Christmas Day Sports 2022

  • Philadelphia 76ers @ New York Knicks: 12pm ET on ABC/ESPN
  • Los Angeles Lakers @ Dallas Mavericks: 2:30pm ET on ABC/ESPN
  • Milwaukee Bucks @ Boston Celtics: 5pm ET on ABC/ESPN
  • Memphis Grizzlies @ Golden State Warriors: 8pm ET on ABC/ESPN
  • Phoenix Suns @ Denver Nuggets: 10:30pm ET on ABC/ESPN

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