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@KeepTheJuice21 NHL Picks - 6/7

New York Rangers (52-24-6) @ Tampa Bay Lightning (51-23-8)

Both these teams can now see their future opponent in the Cup Final, to whatever degree that will matter. I’d say most are so focused on this series that it hasn’t entered their minds. But no doubt both fan bases are playing out the scenarios in their heads. Tonight the Rangers have a chance to put the series out of reach and they look ready to take it. Odd as it would sound to say at the start of the playoffs, but the Rangers are the better team in this series. Even away from home, they proved in Game 3 that the defense holds up.

What the Lightning did better to win the game was defend the power play. There was a double minor resulting in a 4 minute Rangers power play late in the 3 rd period that shifted the energy of the game. The Rangers blew the first two minutes with only 3 shots then took a penalty of their own to end the advantage. Games are made in moments like those and both of these teams are so good defensively that they’ll each have opportunities like it. That’s why the puck line is such a safe bet tonight, it’s very hard to see this going to a two goal lead in either direction. The Rangers should be on the better side but take the points and feel good about it.