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MattyChucks' Monday Night Cross-Sport Lay - 10/31


We have the big 4 sports on the same day and and we are going to have some fun!

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MattyChucks' Cross-Sport Equinox Lay

  1. Tage Thompson had 8 shots in each of his last 2 games and has a great matchup vs Detroit.
  2. Kyrie might be a little out there but the man can hoop. I think 25 is safe here.
  3. I love the over 8 in the Phillies/Astros game as it’s a hitters park and both pitchers aren’t great. I think this is more of a shootout style game like in Game 1.
  4. Joe Mixon should be taking more of a receiving share as Chase is out and the pass rush will be there from the Browns
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