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NCAAF Parlays

See our NCAAF Parlay bet for this week's college football action below. A parlay includes multiple bets combined together to give you better odds. Our picks are all provided by our resident cappers Matty Chucks & Capper Penguin and through our partnership with the GoldBoys.

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College Football Parlay Bets

Throughout the college football season, watch this space. It’s your hub for NCAA football parlay picks, tips, and tricks. Each week we will give you our top picks for college football parlays, which you can then use to make your own wagers at sportsbooks.

Plus, this page will tell you everything you need to know about parlay betting, including information about parlays, things to avoid, and other general need-to-know information. Read on for our full college football parlay guide.

What Is An NCAAF Parlay?

A parlay is a single wager that combines multiple bets into one. Essentially it’s a way to place multiple bets as a single wager. The individual bets that comprise a parlay are called “legs,” and for a parlay to win, each leg has to hit. For this reason, parlays (in any sport, not just NCAAF) are high-risk, high reward.

Here’s a good example of an NCAAF parlay. Let’s say you want to bet the following selections in a parlay, because the odds on the individual bets aren’t that good.

  • Toledo moneyline (over Middle Tennessee): -380
  • Old Dominion Vs. Tulsa Over 52: -110
  • Wyoming moneyline (over Kent State): -145
  • Missouri +3.5 (vs. Army West Point): -110

If you combine each of those bets, you get odds of +677, which is significantly better than the individual odds on any of those bets. Of course, it becomes riskier because all of the following results must happen:

  • Toledo beats Middle Tennessee
  • Old Dominion and Tulsa combine for more than 52 points
  • Wyoming beats Kent State
  • Missouri covers the spread against Army West Point

If even one of those bets fails, your parlay loses, and you lose your wager. But if you bet $25 and all four of those things do happen, you’d win $194.46.

How To Win An NCAAF Parlay

As described above, each individual wager that makes up a parlay must hit in order for the parlay itself to win. That’s why it’s important to make sensible, educated bets within a college football parlay.

Do All The Selections Need To Win?

Yes—in any parlay (NCAAF and multi-sport parlays included), all the legs must hit to win the bet. It’s why parlays are generally regarded as risky bets. However, smart bettors can maximize their chances of winning with savvy picks and researched selections.

There are minor exceptions to the “every selection must hit” rule, which we’ll cover below.

What Happens If All Picks Are Correct Except For One?

Even one leg losing is enough to make a whole parlay lose. That’s the nature of the beast and the high-risk format of parlay betting.

However, there are certain scenarios that will allow you to save some money if all but one leg hits. For example, some sportsbooks offer promotions called “parlay insurance.” The structure of parlay insurance varies from one sportsbook to the next, but they usually have some things in common.

Most parlay insurance promos will allow you to miss exactly one leg of your parlay to earn your money back. It’s not the same as winning, but if you make the parlay we mentioned above and all those bets hit except the Wyoming moneyline, and you had parlay insurance, you’d receive that $25 bet back to break even. You could then apply that $25 credit to a new parlay (and hopefully win!).

Read the terms and conditions of parlay insurance carefully. You usually need to opt-in and apply the insurance to your chosen parlay.

How Many Selections Can Be In An NCAAF Parlay Bet?

This varies by sportsbook. Some allow 12 legs or more, while others might cap your parlay selections at 10 or so.

However, we do not advise ever going that high with your parlay picks. Instead, it pays to make sensible parlay wagers with 3-4, maybe 5 or 6 selections. The more selections you include, the likelier it is that you’ll lose the overall wager.

How To Place An NCAAF Parlay Bet

Ready to place an NCAAF bet? Here’s how you can do it. We’ll use the same example from above to keep things simple.

As a reminder, here are our selections for this example bet:

  • Toledo moneyline (over Middle Tennessee): -380
  • Old Dominion Vs. Tulsa Over 52: -110
  • Wyoming moneyline (over Kent State): -145
  • Missouri +3.5 (vs. Army West Point): -110

Before you bet, feel free to peruse various sportsbooks to find the best lines on these matches. You can give yourself an edge by taking the best odds available. Once you’ve picked a sportsbook, here’s what to do:

  1. Add each individual bet to your betslip by selecting it individually (as if you were only betting on that outcome). Eventually, you’ll have four bets in your betslip.
  2. Once you’ve selected each bet, head to your betslip.
  3. You’ll see fields for wagers next to each bet and at the top with the words “stake all,” “bet all,” or similar. Avoid all those fields and scroll down until you find the “parlay” section.
  4. In the parlay section, type the amount of your bet. The sportsbook will show you what you’d receive if the parlay were to win.
  5. Select “Place bet” and wait for the sportsbook to confirm that your wager has been placed.
  6. Track your bet, watch the games, and hope for a win!

For more on how to bet, you can view our NCAAF sportsbook page or betting guide.

How Do You Pick Your College Football Parlay Bets?

Our team takes a look at various factors to offer the best NCAAF parlay betting picks every week. You can check this page for our insights and picks to help inform your betting decisions.

We take into account various factors in making our picks, including season performance weather, coaching, injuries, playcalling, and much more. College football betting can be tough; we’re here to help you make educated and smart betting decisions for NCAAF parlays.

For more about our NCAAF picks process, check out our NCAAF betting guide page.

How To Work Out The Odds On An NCAAF Parlay

When you place an NCAAF parlay by adding each individual bet into your betslip, the sportsbook will handle this for you. Just check your betslip and the sportsbook will have the odds already calculated. When you type in a bet amount, you’ll also see what your potential payout is. This makes it easier for you—no need to do the calculations outside of the betting app. Just select, place your bet, and hope for the best.

All of our recommended NCAAF sportsbooks will do this, but other factors set the best apart from the others. Check out our full sportsbook page for more information.

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