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NFL Power Rankings Week 13


Love ‘em or hate ‘em, we’re gonna rate ‘em.

Week 13 posed a lot of questions. We’ve got the answers. Check out our latest NFL Power Rankings.

FlashPicks NFL Power Rankings - Week 13

1. SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS (9-3) ⬆3️⃣

OK, San Francisco, we see you. This was the STATEMENT we were waiting for. The Eagles had their wings clipped. And then some.

2. MIAMI DOLPHINS (9-3) ⬆4️⃣

Tyreek’s down there somewhere! Another monster game from The Cheetah. This offense is just a bunch of bullies. Into first place in the AFC Playoff picture.


Bye Week. But they hold onto third spot, due to failings elsewhere…


So, that happened. Home underdogs despite a 10-1 record and we saw why. The #1 seed remains for now, but it’s never looked more vulnerable.

5. DALLAS COWBOYS (9-3) ⬆4️⃣

Seattle gave it everything. Dallas still had more. The Cowboys are rolling and the NFC East looks very winnable all of a sudden.

6. KANSAS CITY CHIEFS (8-4) ⬇4️⃣

This shock loss in Green Bay was not the performance of champions. Plenty of time to put it right, but this might not be the Chiefs’ year…


A couple of minutes from the #1 seed in the AFC. But this was a bad loss. And we wait on the Trevor Lawrence news…

8. DETROIT LIONS (9-3) ⬇1️⃣

Insert ‘They can’t keep getting away with this’ meme here. Lions raced into a big lead but nearly threw it away. They held on for the W. But that won’t wash in the Power Rankings.


Pickett down, Trubisky in. This week’s home loss to the Cardinals was almost as rough as the weather in Pittsburgh. And this position is as precarious as their fifth seed.

10. GREEN BAY PACKERS (6-6) ⬆6️⃣

Our big movers. Matt LaFleur is now 16-0 in December after taking down the Chiefs. We really like what we’re seeing from the Packers.

11. HOUSTON TEXANS (7-5) ⬆1️⃣

Tank Dell, we’ll miss you. This rookie WR has been a sensation but now moves to IR. A big blow. But beating Broncos was a BIG win.


Game of the weekend?! That was crazy, but the Colts took down the Titans in another AFC South epic. This division is delivering!

13. BUFFALO BILLS (6-6) ⬆2️⃣

Bills took the week off and we like how things have played out for them. They’ve still got the talent to make something happen in this AFC.

14. DENVER BRONCOS (6-6) ⬇4️⃣

The hot streak came to an end in Houston, who raced into an unassailable lead on the night. But Denver fought back and we’re not giving up on them yet.

15. CLEVELAND BROWNS (7-5) ⬇4️⃣

The number 1 defense were just not at it. They need to be at their best every week if – with Joe Flacco under center – they’re gonna make a run.

16. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (6-6) ⬇2️⃣

A good game on TNF, thank you! Seahawks played their part. Unlucky on the night, unlucky to fall in our Power Rankings.


JB running the show at quarterback. Jake Browning, we salute you. Proved they can still compete with the AFC’s best without Joe Burrow.

18. LOS ANGELES RAMS (6-6) ↔

An impressive offensive display against a tough defense. Very capable on their day and are now on the Playoffs bubble.

19. MINNESOTA VIKINGS (6-6) ⬇2️⃣

Dropping down further. But that’s what two straight losses and a Bye Week gets you. A trip to Vegas next and the likely return of Justin Jefferson.

20. ATLANTA FALCONS (6-6) ⬇1️⃣

How can a divisional leader be so low, we hear you ask? Well. Just watch. But hey, at least they’re at .500 now after that 13-8 win against the Jets.

21. NEW ORLEANS SAINTS (5-7) ⬇1️⃣

Oh man, this wasn’t pretty. Derek Carr jeered, Taysom Hill cheered. It looked like a potential blowout vs Detroit, but maybe the Saints have a little fight left in ‘em.


Bye Week, no news, no change! Raiders host Minnesota in Week 14.


Bucs keep in touch in the NFC South thanks to a hard-earned win over Carolina. We’re not ruling them out of this ridiculous division just yet.


A win for the Chargers! But here’s the kicker. It was all about their kicker. 6-0. You do not wanna watch these highlights.


King Henry starred and Tyjae Spears showed they’re in good hands when the power back abdicates the throne. But this was a tough OT loss to a divisional rival.

26. CHICAGO BEARS (4-8) ↔

One of six teams on Bye this week, Bears are going nowhere. We don’t mean that in a bad way.

27. NEW YORK GIANTS (4-8) ⬆1️⃣

Bye week. But up a place because of how bad their state rivals are. You’d take that.

28. ARIZONA CARDINALS (3-10) ⬆2️⃣

Deserving of a Power Rankings boost. A nice road win against an under-par Pittsburgh. The Cards have shown a little something in recent weeks.

29. NEW YORK JETS (4-9) ⬇2️⃣

Another touchdown-free night in an ugly loss against Atlanta. Trevor Siemian became the latest player under center. Nothing’s working in New York.


45 points given up in back-to-back games. Washington are far from commanding right now.


They’ve lost 10-6, 10-7 and 6-0 in successive weeks. This looks like tanking.


Officially out of contention. No more notes.

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