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Power Rankings Week 17


Love ‘em or hate ‘em, we’re gonna rate ‘em.

Week 17 is done and we have our two top seeds confirmed! Let’s take a look at who’s hot and who’s not with our latest Power Rankings.

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Beating the 49ers was the statement win we needed. But this performance against the Dolphins was what we wanted. An MVP-worthy performance from Lamar Jackson and an all-round show put on from the best team in the AFC.

2) SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS (12-4) ↔

If you wanna bounce back from defeat, it doesn’t get much kinder than a matchup with the Commanders. A win paired with a shock Eagles defeat, and that’s the top seed clinched in the NFC. Time to rest up.

3) BUFFALO BILLS (10-6) ⬆1️⃣

Ominous. Buffalo have rattled off four straight wins and now face Miami in a winner-takes-all battle for the AFC East. We CANNOT wait. The Bills are looking hot right now. We fear for…

4) MIAMI DOLPHINS (11-4) ⬇1️⃣

That statement win over Dallas seems a long time ago. A 56-19 battering by Baltimore means expectations have been tempered. But it got away from them real quick – has Mike McDaniels got more in his locker? This week is a BIG week for Miami.

5) DALLAS COWBOYS (11-5) ↔

Far from convincing in the win over Detroit. But the Cowboys won’t care about that. The NFC East is back in their hands and they’re just a win away from securing that vital second seed.

6) DETROIT LIONS (11-5) ⬆1️⃣

Division wrapped up a fortnight ago. Then did enough to beat Dallas. Kinda. OK, they didn’t get the win – but they showed they’re definitely capable after some shaky performances in recent weeks.

7) KANSAS CITY CHIEFS (10-6) ⬆1️⃣

A huge Week 17 for the Chiefs, getting back to winning ways against the Bengals and wrapping up the AFC West in the process. All eyes on the Playoffs. And they know all about that.


A truly forgettable second half of the season for the Eagles. Throwing away the division against Arizona was a new low – but they won’t fear a trip to the NFC South winners. Still hope.


Still number nine. But we promise we’re not sleeping on a team that have beaten the Ravens AND the 49ers so far this season. They’ve locked in the fifth seed and will go on the road to the AFC South winner. Keep a very close eye on the Browns.

10) LOS ANGELES RAMS (9-7) ↔

A win against the Giants. Just. It’s one loss in seven – and that was to Baltimore. You could make a case that the Rams are the second best team in the NFC right now. We wouldn’t argue back.


Just when the finishing line was in sight, the Bucs faltered. What this division may be missing in quality, it sure makes up for in fun and unpredictability. However, beating the Panthers is all it takes to clinch the division and a home Playoff.

12) GREEN BAY PACKERS (7-8) ⬆6️⃣

Back-to-back wins for Green Bay, who heaped more misery on Minnesota. Now they just have to beat the Bears to make it to the postseason. Life after Aaron Rodgers hasn’t been all bad.


The losing skid comes to an end with a shutout against the Panthers. Three 9-7 teams in the division, but beating the 5-11 Titans is all it will take for the Jags to come out on top.

14) HOUSTON TEXANS (9-7) ↔

If the Jaguars aren’t victorious, well. It all comes down to this. Texans go to the Colts in a win-and-you’re-in matchup. It’s massive whatever happens in Florida – but either team could win the AFC South too. Bring it on.


See above. Colts have every chance after an impressive win against the Raiders. We think the Texans have the edge. Go prove us wrong, Indy!

16) SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (8-8) ⬇5️⃣

Another team to stumble at the penultimate hurdle. Seahawks blew the opportunity against the Steelers and now have to rely on a favor from the Chicago Bears. Not a position you wanna leave yourself in.


Mike Tomlin will just not lie down. Another winning season in the bag for his Steelers, although they’ll need a little luck to make the Playoffs. Beat Baltimore, hope the Jags or Bills lose. Feasible.

18) NEW ORLEANS SAINTS (8-8) ⬇3️⃣

Winning in Tampa has given the Saints hope. Lots of it. A win over the Falcons is the first goal. Then they could sneak in dependent on results elsewhere.

19) MINNESOTA VIKINGS (7-8) ⬇2️⃣

A very unhappy New Year as the Packers came to town and spoiled the party. The Vikings aren’t eliminated yet, but they’ll need a miracle to get there. And we can’t even see them beating the Lions.


Atlanta are another team needing a wild run of results to get into the postseason, but they will fancy their chances of doing their bit against the Saints. We can’t help thinking that a loss and a better draft position wouldn’t be the worst result in the world.



Joe Burrow going down was never going to end well. They rallied briefly under Jake Browning, but this wasn’t meant to be the Bengals’ year. A narrow loss to the Chiefs = eliminated.

22) DENVER BRONCOS (8-8) ↔

A win over the Chargers wasn’t enough to keep the Broncos in the hunt. A messy week in Denver, now we’ll wait to see what happens in the offseason. Popcorn at the ready.

23) LAS VEGAS RAIDERS (7-9) ⬇2️⃣

They’ve lost more than they’ve won – which is how things tend to go in Vegas. The loss to the Colts ended any Playoff aspirations this season.

24) CHICAGO BEARS (7-9) ↔

Bears were eliminated from Playoff contention despite another win, but they would love to wreck Green Bay’s dreams this week. More importantly, Bears are ON THE CLOCK. The number 1 draft pick was secured thanks to the Panthers’ latest loss.

25) NEW YORK GIANTS (5-11) ↔

A valiant effort against the Rams but not enough to avoid another loss. Tyrod Taylor’s 80-yard TD pass was a highlight. His failed two-point attempt a lowlight. They finish up against the Eagles.

26) NEW YORK JETS (6-10) ↔

For all the talk about this Jets defense, they’re just not showing up consistently – shipping 37 to the Browns this week. Plenty of intrigue going into next year, but plenty of improvement needed too.


Back to business against the Broncos. The business of meekly surrendering. Just nine points against a Denver team that have been through it this past week.


Another divisional loss – and all they can do now is play party-pooper against Jacksonville. The only team in the AFC South with a losing record this year.

29) ARIZONA CARDINALS (4-12) ⬆1️⃣

Spoiling the party in Philly with a win that shakes up the NFC. Arizona beat the Cowboys earlier this season, but maybe now Dallas owes the Cards a drink.

30) NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (4-12) ⬇1️⃣

The Patriots put in another solid showing in their defeat to the Bills. We just don’t know what the future looks like in New England. The coaching team, the Quarterback situation. Up in the air.


Their latest loss was to the 49ers, with the Cowboys still to come. Tough end to a tough season.


A shameful shutout against the Jaguars. Somehow still the worst team in the NFL.

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