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Super Bowl Picks 2023

FlashPicks Super Bowl Picks

When it comes to NFL Betting, it doesn’t get bigger or better than the Super Bowl.

We’ve got all the need-to-know info about the Super Bowl right here. When it is, where it is, and even who’s performing the Half-Time Show. But what you really want to know is who’s gonna play in it, and who’s gonna win it.

We can’t tell you that – yet – but we can point you in the right direction. Let’s go!


Kansas City Chiefs (+475)

As of 22/11/23

These Kansas City Chiefs are not vintage Kansas City Chiefs. But they are still getting it done, most of the time. They’re heading for their eighth straight divisional title and could easily take the number 1 seed again. A couple of games at Arrowhead would only enhance the Chiefs’ chances of heading back to the Super Bowl.

Philadelphia Eagles (+450

As of 22/11/23

Last year’s runners-up are making a bold bid to go one better and repeat the feat of Super Bowl 52. This team has strength everywhere – just check out that ‘Tush Push! A Week 11 win over the Chiefs in a repeat of last year’s Super Bowl just goes to show how strong Philly are. It’s hard to look past them securing the NFC East and the number one seed.

San Francisco 49ers (+480)

As of 22/11/23

Blip over? San Francisco 49ers raced out of the blocks with the record-breaking Christian McCaffrey one of many reasons behind a 5-0 start. Three rough games brought the five-time winners back down to earth, but two more wins puts them back in prime position to win the NFC West and have a big say in the postseason.

Baltimore Ravens (+900)

As of 22/11/23

Ravens are looking GOOD. Lamar Jackson is putting in an MVP-caliber season, helping Baltimore take control of the AFC North, the strongest division in football. Pro-Bowl Tight End Mark Andrews going down will be a concern, and it’s a tough schedule. But the Super Bowl 47 winners are in good shape to grab home advantage in the NFL Playoffs. It could be their year.


Detroit Lions (+1300)

As of 22/11/23

When is a dark horse not a dark horse? When it’s a Lion. To be honest, Detroit can probably feel hard done by to feature in this section. They’re romping to their first NFC North title in 30 years, they currently possess the number two seed, and they have every chance of going all the way. But we’re not all in just yet.

Jacksonville Jaguars (+2000)

As of 22/11/23

Jaguars are looking good for a second straight AFC South Title – although the Texans, inspired by rookie Quarterback CJ Stroud – look like pushing them all the way. They’re talented, they can be frustrating (see Week 10) but they can definitely take down the AFC’s most established in an open-looking year.

Buffalo Bills (+2800)

As of 22/11/23

This is almost the opposite of the Lions. We’re putting Buffalo in here because of the price! The Bills have not looked like the Bills we’ve come to expect. A panic sacking to the OC, Josh Allen’s form, another Stefon Diggs saga. But the AFC East is still winnable and if they can put it all back together, this team can do big things.

Minnesota Vikings (+9500

As of 22/11/23

Hear us out! Last year was a freak season for the Vikings, going 11-0 in one-score games then one-and-done in the Playoffs. This has been a wild ride too. An 0-3 start, Justin Jefferson going down, then Kirk Cousins, before riding into Playoff contention with Josh freakin’ Dobbs. It sounds crazy, but they’re talented, coach O’Connell looks the real deal – and they’re huge odds!

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