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March Madness 2023 Sweet 16 same game parlay

Sweet 16 Same-Game Parlays

The NCAA Tournament is one of the biggest sports betting events of the year and popular slips that people have been making are same-game parlay bets. These bets wrap together a handful of bets from a single game and sometimes payout huge sums compared to the amount bet. Bettors can put together a script of how they think the game will go and come up with same-game parlay bets that could then come true and make them a lot of money.

Michigan St. vs Kansas St. +2 O/U 137.5

This game between Michigan St. and Kansas St. is expected to be the closest contest of the Sweet 16. That means that bettors can take advantage of same-game parlays that will have higher odds of actually hitting. Some people were surprised that Michigan St. are actually the favorites in this game, so taking No. 3 Kansas St. over No. 7 Michigan St. doesn’t seem like that bad of a call. Betting on the Kansas St. moneyline alone bettors can get +110 and that seems like a great way to start a same-game parlay. Even taking the Michigan St. moneyline at -130 can still return some value in these bets.

Bettors now will need to add another piece to their parlay from this game and looking at the moneyline, there could be a case that it is too low. A moneyline bet will payout at -110 but could be a good addition to this same-game parlay.

The third leg of this bet you can bet on a specific point total for a team. If you are riding with Kansas St., adding them over 70.5 points can greatly increase your payout. Even taking them over 69.5 is positive odds at +105.

Gonzaga vs UCLA -2 O/U 145.5

For this Sweet 16 matchup we have one of the highest totals at 145.5. To start making a same-game parlay for this contest we can start by taking the under, as it will provide slightly better odds at -115 vs -120 for the over. In what is expected to be a close game, 146 total points is not an easy task. Gonzaga is the highest scoring team in the nation though and have averaged 83 points in their two games so far. UCLA scored just 68 points in their second game though.

While Gonzaga is the underdog, many people thought that they were underseeded at No. 3. This means that they could be a good moneyline play that would payout +105 in a same-game parlay. Taking UCLA on the moneyline pays just -150. This game should be a close contest and could go either way.

To get a third leg of this same-game parlay, look at adding a points prop for the total scored for just Gonzaga. Gonzaga will score the ball and adding a bet that they score more than 70 points can still payout a good amount combined with two other bets. Their odds to get 70 or more points are set at -180. This season Gonzaga has scored less than 70 just four times out of 35 games played.

Xavier vs Texas -4.5 O/U 148.5

A massive boost to a same-game parlay in this contest would be to take Xavier as they are set at +145. Right off the bat if you believe Xavier can win this game outright you can increase your payout by taking them. Texas has looked like one of the best teams in the nation all year though and will make it extremely tough for Xavier to upset them here. The moneyline payout for Texas is just -200 and to cover the spread they are at -110. Taking Xavier on the 4.5-point spread would only get -125. So it appears that taking Texas moneyline or Texas on the spread could be the best first-leg bet.

For the second leg we can look at the over/under. 148.5 is by far the largest-projected total for any of the Sweet 16 teams. The favorable odds are to take the over in this contest at -115. The under pays at just -125. To cover this spread both these teams would need to pick up their pace a bit.

The final leg depends on the game script that you believe will happen. Taking a specific team’s point total is usually a good move here. So if you believe that Texas will cover the game spread and the game will go over on points, you can bet on Texas to score 77. If you expect Texas to win by more than five and the total to go over, you can get even better odds by taking Texas over 78 or more for a higher payout.