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Atomic's MLB Play of the Day for Tuesday: Dodgers @ Giants - 4/11


Atomic is is looking at two Dodgers to cash this SGP for a late night west coast MLB matchup!

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Los Angeles Dodgers @ San Francisco Giants

Love these hit lays that correlate because if Betts or Smith gets a hit it just makes it more likely the other player sees another plate appearance (PA), giving them another opportunity to get a hit. Not 100% the case but it just makes it more likely.

Tonight we get a nice matchup against Alex Wood (LHP). Let's start with Mookie Betts who has some amazing career numbers vs Alex Wood (21 PA 4 1B, 1 2B, 1 3B, 3 HR) for a BA of .500. Not only does Mookie have prior history & success vs Wood he is hitting .309 vs LHP (2022-2023) so he has been destroying lefties. Wood has 2 pitches he throws 80% of the time the Sinker & Slider. Mookie is batting an INSANE .531 vs LHP Sinkers (2022-2023) these are just some crazy numbers and .280 vs the Slider which is still good even then Wood throws the Sinker 50% of the time so Mookie can literally just sit on it as he has done previously.

Now lets move on to Will Smith. Smith is batting .364 in 12 PA (3 1B, 1 2B, 1 HR) vs Wood. He is also batting .295 vs LHP (2022-2023). Once again Wood's T2 Pitches (80%) the Sinker/Slider. Smith is batting an INSANE .435 vs the Sinker that Wood throws 50% of the time so just like Mookie he can sit on this pitch. He is batting an awful .120 against the Slider but like I said Wood throws this pitch 50% of the time so he is going to be forced to throw it & with Smith's success vs LHP & vs Wood in the past I am not worried one bit about it. I love the correlation we are getting with these two & think they are in a PERFECT matchup to both record a hit here.

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Mookie Betts & Will Smith 1+ Hits @ -128
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