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@KeepTheJuice21 MLB All-Star Game Preview


2022 MLB All Star Game Pick

The 2022 All Star Game in Los Angeles has got an excellent crop of players. Kershaw and McClanahan starting on the mound with some other elite pitcher in tow will be a tough task. I think the best angle to take as far as betting goes is to go against the stars. The players who got in on their merit alone are the ones playing the best baseball right now. That’s not to say some stars don’t deserve to be there, Aaron Judge is having an all-star season without a doubt, but there’s a few guys I’d push back on.

While the NL probably has just as many big names, the AL looks worse on paper by that rule. NL is going to be less likely to hit for power, get more men on and do it the old fashioned way. That’s not the way baseball is played anymore, the statistics back going for the long ball, but things are different in the All Star Game. When your 9 th hitter is hitting above .300, there’s a much lower chance of leaving runners stranded. Because of that I like the NL. They’ve got power hitters but they’re a little better balanced on the offensive side. It’s hard to give an edge to either sides pitchers, they will be in for such a limited time and each of them are elite.

National League Moneyline | -115 at Draft Kings

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