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MCbets' +8604 Moneyline MLB Parlay - 9/16


MCBets' ML Parlay

Alright, alright alrighttttt, the moment we've been waiting for.

I figured we needed something to bridge the gap from TNF into the weekend.

What better way than a nice ML Parlay on this beautiful Friday.

We could all use a little extra change headed into the weekend, right?

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The 8 Legged Beast

Do I blindly follow the projections?

Yes. Um, I mean no, no I don't.

There are 15 games tonight so a sweep of the board is highly unlikely but we've been hitting around 9-10 correct a night. We can blame the Mets, Cardinals and Blue Jays for not being consistently in double digits.

Notice that they're nowhere to be found.

Man of the people I am. 

So not only do these teams have the projection to win but it aligns with the pitching matchups and some recent play. For example, Michael Wacha is 11-1 for the Red Sox, Giolito has 10 wins for the White Sox going up against the 54-win Tigers. Cleveland has Mckenzie on the mound at home as they try to keep the Twins at bay, plus the Guardians crush righties. Verlander vs Oakland, enough said. Robbie Ray vs the Angels where he's struck out 10 in each start against them this season. (Robbie Ray o6.5 K, Prop Plug).

Two underdogs we like are the Dbacks over the Padres. Before you say anything, they won this Exact matchup last time we swept the board so zip it. The Padres haven't been what anyone expected after "The Trade" so theres that too Giants are rolling out 13-8 Logan Webb at home and just took 2 of 3 from Atlanta. Plus, the Dodgers cant win EVERY night, right?

By all means leave some teams off (Astros are -375, do with that what you will) or take the +1.5 Runs for the underdogs

MCBets' ML Parlay

On the Moneyline we're going:

  • Red Sox
  • Rays
  • White Sox
  • Guardians
  • Astros
  • Mariners
  • Diamondbacks
  • Giants

+8604, Good Luck! ⤵️

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