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MCbets: Dear Mets Fans - 10/7


Dear Mets Fans,

Dear Mets Fans, 

I know what you felt last week, watching the Division slip through our fingers. ONLY the Mets can win 101 games and "limp" into the playoffs. ONLY the Mets can give us a gut punch with 10 seconds to go in the final round. ONLY the Mets can roll out two hall of fame Cy Young winners in a 3-game series and make us feel like they don't have a shot. 

I said some things last week and my faith wavered, just like everyone. It's like you had a fight with your significant other. Tensions were high, you SHOULD have done the dishwasher, right? Feelings arose from previous fights and there's a sense that things just won't ever change, and you're ready to throw it all away.  You take a day not talking, then, you make up with a three game sweep of the Nationals. End up tieing the Braves and laugh about how just ONE win vs the Cubs would have gotten us the division. "Too soon..?"

Now it's the weekend and we're all made up and ready to party. The team need us in full force this weekend. They were hoping for the weekend off, they KNOW they let it "slip" away. I mean, it's more of a testament to the Braves winning like 77 games since June 1. I know everything is circumstantial, but if you told me the Mets would win 101 games and be hosting the Padres for the Wild Card round back in April I would have signed right there.

Tough end, but we're here regardless. 

Mets & Pain

If you're a younger Mets fan this isn't pain.

Pain is having to watch the '92-'94 Mets.

We had to watch them finish 13 games back while wearing WHITE hats in '97. Raise your hand if you watched Kenny Rogers walk Andruw Jones with the bases loaded in '99. How about Todd Zeile off the top of the wall at Yankee Stadium? Then there was 2002-2003, The Collapses in 07 and 08. Truly painful stuff. Stuff that would rear their ugly heads as the mets were swept in Atlanta last week, I get it. But these Mets won 101 games. No team has done that since 1988. They're different. Forget about all that stuff in the past, it's time to get behind our guys. One "bad stretch" all season and it came at the worst possible time with the easiest possible schedule, it happens.

The past is the past. In fact, think about that past and appreciate the present.

You just witnessed one of the greatest seasons in team history, and I'm excited about the future.

Now I'm not betting this game for jinx purposes, obviously. My blood pressure will be through the roof even without money riding on it. That's enough for me. But here are some trends and spots if you're looking to dabble. 

Brandon Nimmo has not swung at the first pitch of the game since the All-Star Break. Let me say that again, BRANDON NIMMO HAS NOT SWUNG AT THE FIRST PITCH OF THE GAME SINCE THE ALL STAR BREAK. Over 50 games staring at one to start off. Darvish throws a first pitch strike 62% of his starts. Do with that info what you will *wink wink*.

Darvish basically dominated the Mets in 2 starts this season, and no Met has hit him particularly well. Take a look at the lineups and if James McCann is starting at C there could be some value in his hitting props as he is lifetime 4/10 vs Darvish with a double and 2 HR. MLB Batting Champ Jeff McNeil is hitting .332 vs RHP this season but hasnt seen success vs Darvish sporting just an .091 BA. The Notorious VOG is 2/3 vs Darvish lifetime and crushes RHP, that is why they brought him here after all. On the hill, Mad Max struck out 8 Padres in his only start against them this year. 

Enjoy the game tonight, Mets fans! LFGM

With love,


New York Mets Alonso Nimmo
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