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Atomic's NBA Playoffs Best Bet: Suns @ Clippers - 4/20


Atomic is hitting Game 3 of the Suns/Clippers series with a great prop pick - check it out below!

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Pheonix Suns @ Los Angeles Clippers (10.30pm ET)

Love to target a Chris Paul under with Kevin Durant where his usage drops 4% especially after an efficient game against a team he has previously struggled against. Chris Paul has had 7,15,5,7,16 points vs The Clippers going under in 3/5 games however going under in 2/3 games with Durant & taking just FGA in 2/3 with Durant. Even last game where he was feeling it he only attempted 14 FGA & was a basket away from going under last game was not a convincing win for the Suns when you consider Paul George is out & the Clippers were on the road I think Monty adjusts & we see less Chris Paul / Ayton pick & rolls and more Durant/Booker pick and rolls just makes 0 sense to have Booker & Durant on the court and having Chris Paul running the offense honestly. Batum is guarding Paul alot & despite old age he is still a good defender we all know he is not out their to score as he has had 3 points in the last 2 games.

The Clippers are allowing the #7 fewest points per game to PG's when compared to their averages in the L30D & the #10 fewest points per game to #3 options in the L30D. We are going 0.5U for this first game and likely doubling down with a unit next game if he shoots efficiently once again in this one which will be tough against a good defense against PG's specifically also when you consider as previously mentioned his low field goal attempts vs this clippers team in the past we can see its likely going to revert to that. The Clippers are also allowing the #7 fewest free throw attempts & this is important as free throws are quite literally free points for someone like Chris Paul specifically he has only attempted 2 free throws in the entire series so expecting 2 maximum in the next game which should mean if they can limit his field goals it will be tough for him to score 14+.

Atomic's Pick

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Chris Paul Under 13.5 Points (0.5 units) @ -110