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MCbets' $1 to $100 NBA Lotto Ticket - 2/27


One dollar on this MCbets lotto could win you $100+. We just need 6 things to happen tonight in the NBA - take a look below!

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MCbets' Lotto Ticket

Jimmy Butler recently said “I'm tired of losing” in an interview.

What better night to try and do everything he can taking on his former team? 6 and 6 seems conservative but absolutely attainable as theyre only 1 above his line. Great value. 

Add Harris from our earlier trends article and with his recent volume of three pointers going against a team that gives them up specifically to his position, this is a great spot. His line is o1.5 if you want to drop it down. 

No Jaylen Brown tonight for Boston and Smart has been GREAT in the assist department without him recently, over in 6 straight and 7 of 8. 

Big stage. Home game. East #1 Seed. Look for Randle to absolutely show out tonight. He’s been shooting a lot of threes and when he gets cooking he doesnt stop. 3+ in 6/7 with double digit attempts in 5/7. He likes to get cooking early so were hoping for 2 in the 1Q to set the tone!

PG vs The Pistons. Rinse repeat. Look at all the metrics. Pace, points allowed, points vs PG. Three point attempts. All off the charts for this matchup. He may go for 30. Averaging close to 40 mins per game this is the perfect spot for Lamelo to just do what he wants as the pistons are allowing 120 points per game and may be without Bogdanovic and Stewart tonight. 

Happy scratch off playing!!

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