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MCbets' +15907 NBA Same Game Parlay - 10/20


We usually try and hit a +1500 for NFL Prime Time Games but were shifting gears with the NBA tonight. Basically took some straights in good spots and combined two SGP's.

Feel free to play some of these straight, or separate them for two Parlays, or avoid the hook. 

Tobias is always my go to when he is under the 15 point mark. Finished with 18 on opening night, and 14 in the first half! He can shoot the three or take it to the rim. Id like it if he got to the line a little more for some free points but we cant be greedy. Maxey was 2/5 from deep the other night (pain) and the Bucks were not good guarding the 3-ball last year so lets get this wrapped up by the 3Q, ok Ty? Thanks

Opening night for the Bucks and we all expect Giannis to show out vs Embiid. Never shy about passing the ball he averaged 6 helpers for the season. The number ticked up to 7 for the playoff run, all while Khris Middleton was in street clothes. Finishing up with Jrue Holiday on the glass. The Sixers gave up 11 boards to Guards on opening night and I dont see Grayson Allen getting dirty in the paint. Holiday averaged 4.7 boards on the season and ended the playoffs averaging 5.5. 

Turning our attention to California, I like Reggie Jackson over the 13.5 point line. He's a lightning rod and his overall points will go down with both PG and Kawahi back, but he can sleep walk thru this Lakers defense for 14. I count 10 just from two 3's and 4 FT's. Just need 2 more buckets somewhere. Boom. Lebron does it all for the Lakers and a game after hauling in 14 rebounds I just dont think that declines by almost HALF. Plenty of opportunities to be had, he can play any position on the floor and always has himself in the right position. He's a walking double double. Two Props for Paul George tonight, threes and assists. Going over his three point mark in 4 of the final 6 games of the season, things will pick up right where they left off. He averages eight attempts per game and the Lakers are in the bottom half of the league defending the three. You think he doesnt knock down 3/9? Me neither. PG is also a facilitator going over this 4.5 number in 5/6 games to end the season. The Lakers gave up the 28th most apg a season ago and PG likes to get others involved, especially now with Kawahi back.

Happy Equinox day to all!