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@RyanPropz NBA Saturday Ladder Play - 2/26


Brooklyn Nets (31-29) vs. Milwaukee Bucks (36-24)

Giannis continues to dominate every facet of the game, and while he’s always a monster source of points and rebounds, I’m gonna take today’s play in a bit of a different direction. 

Today I am gonna look to Giannis to distribute to the guys around him, and am actually gonna bring a mini ladder into play here. Giannis has been putting up some impressive assists numbers this month. He’s averaging 7.3 assists in the 7 games this month. He’s hit his over 5.5 in 5/7 this month, and had 8+ in 4/7. He’s coming off an 18 potential assist/ 9 assist performance right before the all star break, and I love the value today for him to do something similar. 

He’s played the Nets twice this season and has 9 and 7 assists in those 2 games. With the Nets defense really struggling as of late, I anticipate they have all hands on deck to get the ball out of Greek Freaks hands and let his teammates try to beat them, which should put our prop in a good position to succeed. Brooklyn also allows the 6th most assists to Power Forwards. 

Personally, I will be putting roughly .6 units on his over 5.5, and .4 units on 8+ assists. If you’re braver than I, I don’t mind a sprinkle on 10+ but personally capping myself at 8. 


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Giannis Antetokounmpo over 5.5 assists & 8+ Assists @ -118 & +265